Sandrine Benz

Sandrine Benz is renowned for her long-term physical and cognitive excellence.
Due to her outstanding academic achievements at the mathematical and scientific High-school, she was selected into the funding program of the Swiss Academic Foundation. Sandrine therefore was allowed to attend additional educational courses throughout her study of sport science.
While working as teacher for sport, Sandrine was practicing elite triathlon for more than 10 years and achieved 5 world champion titles. 21 medals on national and international championships in short-distance triathlon are a testimony of an outstanding career at an exceptional age. This success was built on the expertise of MENTAL DRIVE and a disciplined implementation of diverse mental and nutritional programs.
Today, Sandrine Benz mentors athletes of all ages in nutrition, while studying human medicine at the University of Fribourg. “Let nutrition be your medicine” is her credo and philosophy, by which several clients were able to regain quality of life and high performance level.
In order to stay fit, Sandrine still does compete on triathlons every once in a while and still is a serious competitions to younger athletes.
Sandrine Benz is counselling in German, English and French.
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Sandrine Benz, M.Sc. Sport and Movement Science

Nutrition Coach and Business Partner MD
Wiedenstrasse 5d, CH-9323 Steinach
Phone: +41 79 392 9483