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We turn athletes into winners.

For more than 30 years, numerous elite athletes and national teams highly benefit from our expertise and know-how in professional mental training and nutrition. We support Olympic and World Champions.....

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Success starts in the mind.

Our mental training supports you in your mental sovereignty and with the Smart Reading training you increase your complete text capture many times over. Success or money back.....

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Mental strength is the key to success.

We provide extensive knowledge about mental strength in exams or during presentation as well as smart reading techniques to students, parents and also within SCHILW courses for teachers....

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Mental Drive Life is developed to support the individual person when facing daily challenges in order to return to a healthy, content and satisfied life.

Sandrine Benz Triathlon
Sandrine Benz TriathlonWithin the leadership group of a triathlon competition you reach the point in which not the legs but the mind carries the body forward. Due to the professional and individual mental training of Rinaldo Manferdini, I was able to achieve national and international medails even on such days, when I physically was not in my best shape. Thanks to his support in developing a strong mind I was able to reach the impossible, in 2017.
Benjamin Rusch, Golf
Benjamin Rusch, GolfThe mind plays a key role in Golf. If high expectations add up to intense pressure on important competitions, it definitely shows whether or not you have trained mental strategies in order to still show your best Golf performance. Since 2007, I am working with Rinaldo Manferdini not only in mental training, but also in nutrition. His support is highly beneficial within my daily routine and I strongly suggest the expertise.
Yves Lindegger Motorrad-Sport
Yves Lindegger Motorrad-SportMotorcycling is hiding huge challenges for your mind and focus. We are constantly challenged in fine-tuning adjustments - not only regarding the machine, but also for the driver. Hence I started working with an expert for mental training who also had long term experiences in my sport: Rinaldo Manferdini, MENTAL DRIVE. This know-how supports and strengthens me at every single race, which allows me a stabil and constant performance.
Nicole Good Ski Alpin
Nicole Good Ski AlpinSki-racings elite has become extremely tough. In order to be at the very top, you have to show your best performance - in every single run. Mental Drive is not only providing the expertise to develop mental strength but also extensive technical know-how. The perfect partner for me and my development ever since my junior days.

Beat Hefti and Alex Baumann, Olympic champions in 2-man bobsleigh

Beat Hefti und Alex Baumann

Olympia Gold Medalist and World Champion Beat Hefti

"We owe a big part of our success to the mental training with Rinaldo Manferdini and his nutritional expertise."


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